Who is behind Charles Canon knives?

Qui se cache derrière les couteaux Charles Canon ?

In the shadow of Hauts-de-France, Pascal Charles and Aurélien Canon have merged their passion for cutlery and regional heritage to give life to Charles Canon. In 2018, inheriting the Dutilleul company, specializing in power sockets, these two visionaries redirected their destiny towards blades and coal, echoing the soul of the North of France.

Drawing on their expertise in precision wood machining, Pascal and Aurélien have transformed an electric heritage into a collection of regional knives. Coal, emblem of the North, permeates each creation, recalling the mining history of their ancestors. Installed on a former mining slag heap, their workshop becomes the crucible of inspiration, where the knives take shape, defying the complexities of the friable material.

Charcoal, full of family history, becomes the unique handle of these knives, symbolizing a deep link with the land of Hauts-de-France. The contours of the blades evoke the flat slag heaps of the region, sculpted by the expertise acquired from Laguiole, thus elevating the Charles Canon cutlery.

For Pascal and Aurélien, working with coal was obvious: it is the emblematic material of the North of France, which has sustained and heated its inhabitants for generations. Both men have a family connection to coal: one's father and grandfather were miners and the other comes from a family of coal traders from Lallaing.

coal mining knives

The adventure does not stop there. Launched shortly before the 2020 lockdown, the Charles Canon knife range quickly won over, pushing the brand to expand its range of regional materials. Today, the team, made up of 16 dedicated members, including 3 cutlers, is beaming with success.

Building on this success, Charles Canon has bold ambitions. With 16 employees dedicated to excellence, the brand aspires to expand its network of distributors, thus charting its path towards international fame. Charles Canon cutlery, between tradition and innovation, traces its history, forged by passion and unwavering attachment to the roots of Hauts-de-France.

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