The history of mining coal

L'histoire du Charbon des mines

The Charles Canon cutlery manufactures knives with charcoal handles,

But what is the history of this famous coal?

There was a time when slag heaps supplied half of our country's coal for 3 centuries. Today, the mining basin, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, is home to walking areas and numerous sporting activities.

Emblems of this history and of our department, the slag heaps were formed in response to the mines and thanks to the miners, in fact these are the residues, mining waste, that the miners left on site, and which over time ended up become these immense hills, these famous black pyramids. 

However, it is from the top of the slag heaps, in the open air and overlooking, that we can perhaps best appreciate the mining landscape and its history today.

Slag heap

The mine immediately makes us think of the underground life of the miners, of the famous firedamp blasts, of this shadowy and underground life but also of the blackened faces of the underground miners.

Miners began working very early, sometimes as young as eight years old. They did not go to school and could neither read nor write. They could come from the Maghreb as well as from Eastern Europe.

Their job was to extract coal from mines that could be called black gold.


Long centuries passed and the mines closed.
Today the Charles Canon cutlery pays tribute to the miners who spent a great time of their lives deep in the mines with one goal: to recover coal.
It is with this coal that the handles of Charles Canon knives are made so as not to forget this beautiful history of the mining area.
By purchasing our products made with coal, you continue to write history and help ensure that it is not forgotten.
In addition, you contribute to the protection of our planet by purchasing Charles Canon products which are made from new and recycled raw materials.

Charle Canon Knife Charcoal Handle

Charles Canon

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